How to adjust the components and focal length of laser marking machine


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The fiber laser marking machine consists of: fiber laser, digital vibrating mirror, field mirror, marking control card, casing and circuit parts. 1. Fiber laser: IPG is the most used brand at present, and of course SPI is also used. SPI's MOPO mode fiber laser has a great market prospect. 2. Digital galvanometers: At present, the German SCANLAB galvanometers and RAYCUS galvanometers are used the most. Domestic manufacturers include SUNNEY and HANS.

Third, field mirrors: Currently, the most used ones are domestic brands. In terms of optical lenses, domestic effects are sufficient for the most commonly used occasions, so there is no need to find imported brands. 4. Marking control card: SAMLIGHT, MarkStudio, and EZCAD are the most widely used at present. Fifth, the casing and circuit parts are designed and produced by the manufacturers themselves. Of course, many of them are custom-made. This is why so many optical fiber machines have the same appearance.

What are the advantages of fiber laser marking machine? (1) The fiber laser marking machine adopts air cooling technology, responds to the global industrialized laser marking machine process, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, has no water dispenser or electric refrigeration, and air cooling can meet the needs of the system and simplify the system. (2) High photoelectric efficiency: the photoelectric conversion efficiency exceeds 50%, and the power consumption of all systems is only 500W. The laser source saves work and saves operating costs.

(3) The fiber laser marking machine has high marking accuracy, convenient maintenance and long service life, which is unmatched by general laser marking machines. It is the best choice for some high-quality user identification requirements. (4) Imported laser, optical fiber output, small size, simple and convenient installation and operation, high laser beam quality, high conversion rate, fast heat dissipation, and low loss. The laser marking machine is composed of five parts: optical system, solid-state laser, electrical system, projection system and three-coordinate moving table. The five components cooperate with each other to complete the drilling task.

The solid-state laser is mainly responsible for generating the laser light source, the electrical system is mainly responsible for the power supply to the laser and the control of the laser output mode (pulse or continuous, etc.), and the function of the optical system is to precisely focus the laser beam to the processing part of the workpiece For this reason, the ultraviolet laser marking machine contains at least two parts: a laser focusing device and an observation and aiming device, and the projection system is used to display the back of the workpiece. The table in the processing area on the workbench is generally made of glass, because the opaque metal table will bring inconvenience to the inspection, and the table will be damaged after the workpiece is pierced, and the workbench is controlled manually or by a numerical control device , move in the direction of the three coordinates, adjust the position of the workpiece conveniently and accurately. There is a suction and blowing device under the focusing objective lens above the worktable to keep the working surface and focusing objective lens clean. Anyone who has used a laser marking machine or has been in contact with a laser marking machine knows that when using this kind of equipment, it will involve the problem of correct adjustment of the focal length plane. The equipment manufacturer will emphasize the focal length when the equipment is installed, trained and adjusted. Importance, laser engraving on the correct focal length is the key factor for the equipment to perform normally. As a technical worker who often trains customers on the front line of customer use and guides customers to debug equipment, I have a deep understanding of the appropriate focal length for a machine. The impact of the performance of laser engraving equipment, and the confusion and misunderstanding of many direct users of the equipment on how to correctly adjust the focal length of the laser marking equipment, now I will take some time, here is the general IC laser marking machine Summarize some conventional laser marking machine focal length debugging methods for your reference.

How to correctly adjust the focus of the laser marking machine. First of all, before understanding the correct debugging method, let's popularize and understand the correct definition of focal length:. Focal length, also known as focal length, is a measurement method for measuring the concentration or divergence of light in an optical system. It refers to the distance from the center of the lens to the focal point of light concentration, as shown in the figure below: How to correctly adjust the focal length of a laser marking machine.

In the laser marking equipment, after the laser is shaped by the laser, it will irradiate the focusing field lens with a parallel beam. Most of the conventional laser marking equipment uses a convex lens. The convex lens is optically refracted to focus the parallel light beam to a focal point. The focal length surface is formed, and the vertical distance from the optical center point of the convex lens to the focal length surface is what we call the focal length. We generally use F= to represent its focal length. Most laser equipment will have a marking on the focusing field lens, for example: F= 163, F=254, etc., the focusing field lens is a very important optical accessory in laser marking equipment. As shown in the above figure, the parallel light generated by the laser will only be gathered together after being condensed and organized by the focusing lens, and it will play its decisive role. power. Zhuhai Correct Pack is a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China. It has been focusing on the development and production of laser equipment for 12 years, providing customers with a complete set of laser equipment solutions, and creating cost-effective laser equipment. Main business: UV, co2, fiber laser marking machines, laser radium engraving machines And other cost-effective laser equipment, national service hotline: 400-0098-266

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