Laser marking machine filling tutorial


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The filling function of the laser marking machine is a very important function, so what is the importance of the filling function, how to use it, what is the significance of filling, how to set the filling of the laser marking machine, let's take a look at the laser marking machine Standard machine filling tutorial. 1. Import the graphics we need or the text we edit. Below we see an H icon on the top of the laser marking machine software. This icon is our filling function. We need to select the part we need to fill and click the H icon. 2. Next, enter the filling window, and then we check the use outline, and then check enable, and then check the calculation of the object as a whole, or walk around the edge once as needed. These two types can make the marking speed a little slower, so it is not necessary to check it under normal circumstances. 3. Then the filling type. There are several types of types to choose from. We generally use bow-shaped filling, which is the fastest. 4. Then there is the key line spacing. This is the most important setting in the filling function. We usually set it to 0.05mm. The smaller the value is, the smaller the filling spacing will be. Relatively speaking, the larger the line spacing, the smaller the filling space will be. That is to say, the smaller the line spacing, the slower the speed of reaching the standard. So if we want to mark faster, we can adjust the line spacing to a large one. Our standard line spacing is 0.05 mm, which is our normal speed and effect. The average distribution fill line we see below generally does not need to be checked, and then the margin is generally set to 0, the start offset is set to 0, the end offset is set to 0, the boundary function is set to 0, and the spacing is generally set to 0.5 mm will do. Then the auto-rotate fill angle generally does not need to be checked. If you need to check it, we generally set it to 10 degrees. This completes our basic fill setup. The above is the tutorial of using the filling function of the laser marking machine software that we introduced to you. This is a very important function. Generally, it needs to be used in conjunction with the power and speed of the laser marking machine. Under normal circumstances, we all need to use the filling function. , so we must pay attention to this function when we use the laser marking machine. Including the filling function, and the speed of the laser marking machine and the power of the laser marking machine are mixed to use. We can adjust our marking effect and we can adjust it with our cooperation.

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