The laser marking machine cannot connect to the USB


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

What is the reason why the laser printer cannot be connected to the USB? If the garbage cannot be connected to the USB, that is, what we usually call the USB data cable and the computer does not communicate, which is equivalent to the laser marking machine not connected to our industrial computer, so Laser marking machine software will not play any role, let's see how to solve this problem. First of all, we check whether the USB data cable is loose. We can re-plug the computer end of the USB data cable, and then re-plug the self-closing connector that connects the other end to the control board. If it is not recognized, it may be a problem with the data cable. , we suggest that you change a data cable and test again. Another reason is that the driver of the marking machine is damaged. The solution is to download the driver file of the laser marking machine from the official website of Correct Pack Laser, install the driver file on a public computer and connect the USB data cable to solve this series of USB connection problems. The problem with the data line. The control card is damaged. The control card is a hardware device connected between our control computer and the laser marking machine. Only through the control can we accurately control the laser control and the moving lens. We can check the 5V of the control card. Whether the power supply is out of power, if there is a power outage, replace the 5 volt power supply directly, if not, we can try to replace a laser marking machine control card to solve the corresponding problem. Another problem may be the computer itself. Due to the hardware failure of the computer, for example, the damage of the USB interface can also cause the laser printer to be unable to connect to the computer. Therefore, we first check whether the computer is faulty. If there is a fault, repair the driver specified by the computer and then Test connection USB. There is another operation. The laser marking machine must be started first before entering the software. If the software is started first and then the marking machine is turned on, the USB cannot be connected, so we must remember that the laser marking machine must be turned on first. The machine is running with a computer, wait for the laser marking machine equipment to run, and then enter the software. The process of closing the title tonight is to first exit the software and close the laser marking machine. In addition, the control card of the laser marking machine may be affected by the external environment and may be worn or damaged in different situations within 3 to 10 years. We can consider whether the control card is damaged or not. This is a problem we mentioned above. In the process of using, you must maintain good habits to avoid some of the problems described.

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