The price gap between UV laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Laser marking machines, in a broad sense, can be inkjet printers, engraving machines, and laser engraving machines, all of which are laser processing equipment, so why are there big differences in the prices of different types of laser marking machines? For UV laser marking machines, the price of a 3w machine is 20,000-30,000, while the price of a 20w optical fiber machine is less than 10,000. In fact, the UV laser marking machine uses a 355nm ultraviolet laser, and the fiber laser marking machine uses a 1064nm laser. The fiber laser marking machine uses laser for physical marking. The laser physical processing method mainly processes the surface of products and materials, which belongs to thermal processing. The UV laser marking machine uses cold processing, a chemical processing method, and the laser chemical processing method uses laser light to penetrate into the product material for processing. The high-energy molecules of ultraviolet photons directly separate the molecules from the metal or non-metal materials that need to be processed. This way of working does not generate heat. The fiber laser marking machine directly destroys the molecular structure. Compared with the fiber laser marking machine, there is not much difference in the structure of the ultraviolet laser marking machine. They are all composed of multiple components such as lasers, galvanometers, and control cards. However, the two types of laser marking machines The optical components of the machine are indeed different. The UV laser marking machine has a wavelength of 355nm, while the fiber laser marking machine has a wavelength of 1064nm. Professional technology is extended on the basis of fiber laser wavelength, so the price of ultraviolet laser is higher than that of fiber laser. At the same time, UV lasers also have very high stability. The high price of ultraviolet laser marking machine is mainly reflected in the high price of equipment accessories, high requirements for accessories, and special accessories, which cannot be used in common with other types of laser marking machines, resulting in high cost of accessories, mainly reflected in ultraviolet lasers, and secondly There are also a lot of labor costs. The stability and life of the UV laser marking machine have no advantages. As the use time increases, the accessories decay too fast, and labor is required to provide after-sales and maintenance services, and labor costs increase accordingly. The reason for the low price of fiber laser marking machines is that the market is highly competitive and there are many manufacturers of laser accessories, so the cost is naturally low.

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