What are the advantages of ultraviolet laser engraving machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The UV laser laser engraving machine is environmentally friendly, and there are no small consumables during the entire marking operation. It can act on the surface of the marked object by laser to produce the desired pattern or text, and the mark is not easy to be erased, so it is the first choice for enterprise anti-counterfeiting marks. The marking degree of the ultraviolet laser engraving machine is more refined, and even the deviation rate can reach the micron level. If desired, the marking line can even be set below 10 microns, even if the material is small enough to achieve the desired effect. The marking speed of the ultraviolet laser laser engraving machine is very fast, and it can even act on the surface of the object at a speed of 7000 mm/s. It can easily mark 5 ordinary Chinese characters within three seconds, and the efficiency is very high. It is the first choice of marking equipment for assembly line mechanization. Different from the hot marking of traditional marking machines, the UV laser engraving machine adopts the cold processing marking method. Different types of UV laser engraving machines have different wavelengths. The products are mainly processed by cold processing, which generates little heat energy. The hot processing method of traditional marking machines often causes deformation and damage to the product surface, while the cold processing method of ultraviolet laser engraving machine can protect the product surface, especially for plastic processing, and its advantages are more obvious. The UV laser engraving machine has a long service life, and can even work continuously for 70,000 hours without maintenance. 100,000 hours is the theoretical service life of the equipment. When the specified usage time is exceeded, the intensity of the laser will be weak. At this time, the laser needs to be replaced according to the condition of the equipment. Moreover, the ultraviolet laser engraving machine only needs to be powered on, without any consumables, and the later maintenance cost is relatively low. As long as the equipment is properly adjusted before operation, the performance will be very stable. The ultraviolet laser engraving machine also has very powerful functions. It can customize the marking method according to the different needs of enterprises. It has good compatibility and can directly use mainstream fonts and pictures such as TTF, with a high degree of automation.

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