Definition And Characteristics Of UV Ink

July 24, 2021

1、 Definition of UV ink:

UV is the abbreviation of the English word UV light. UV curing and drying ink is referred to as UV ink. UV ink is essentially a kind of liquid ink that can change from liquid to solid under a certain wavelength of ultraviolet radiation.

2、 Characteristics of UV ink:

1. The performance price ratio of UV ink is high. UV ink has no solvent volatilization in the printing process, solid substances remain on the substrate, the color intensity and dot structure remain basically unchanged, and a very thin ink layer thickness can achieve a good printing effect. Although the price of UV ink is higher than that of solvent ink, 1kg UV ink can print 70 m2 of prints, while 1kg solvent ink can only print 30 m2 of prints.

2. UV ink can be instantly dried with high production efficiency. UV ink can be quickly cured and instantly dried under UV irradiation. Prints can be stacked immediately and processed later. The production speed is 120 ~ 140m / min, and the storage area can be saved by 60% ~ 80%.

3. UV ink does not pollute the environment. UV ink does not contain volatile solvents, so it does not emit organic volatiles into the air during the printing process, which not only meets the environmental requirements, but also eliminates the solvent recovery cost.

4. UV ink is safe and reliable. UV ink is a system without water and organic solvent. Once the ink is cured, the ink film is strong and chemical resistant, and there will be no damage and peeling caused by contact with chemicals. UV ink is safe to use and can save insurance costs for users. It is suitable for packaging and printing materials with high hygienic conditions such as food, beverage and drugs.

5. The quality of UV ink prints is excellent. During the printing process, UV ink can maintain uniform color, the ink layer of prints is firm, the proportion of pigment and connecting material remains unchanged, the dot deformation is small, and it can be dried instantly, so that it can complete multi-color overprint.

6. The nature of UV ink is stable. UV ink can be cured only under UV light, and the drying time under natural conditions is almost infinite. This drying characteristic makes the ink viscosity stable during long-term operation of the printing machine. Since there is no organic matter volatilization, it is not necessary to monitor the ink viscosity to ensure the smooth progress of the printing process and the stable quality of printing products, Therefore, the ink can be stored in the ink bucket overnight without color correction.

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