Frequently asked questions about flying laser machines

April 14, 2022

1. The printing effect is not clear.

  The main structure of the Laser Marking System includes laser tube, galvanometer system, power control system, and software operating system.

In the process of continuous use, the laser tube will attenuate with the increase of the amount of light emitted, and it will also encounter the problems of unclear printing effect and low light output rate.


How to deal with it?

  First, if it is a carbon dioxide laser machine, according to the use time, the manufacturer will generally recommend a 2-year or 3-year laser tube inflation plan. If the use time is very short and the marking is not clear within 1 year, then the power can be It is a common treatment method to increase or decrease the scribing speed and increase the power of the laser tube.


2. The marking effect is uneven, there are deep and shallow.

  This situation is also relatively common.

We mentioned above that the working principle of the Flying Laser Marking Machine is to emit laser light through a laser tube, deflect it through a galvanometer system, burn on the surface of the product, and undergo physical and chemical reactions to form coding.

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