The Advanced Technology Of Marking Machine

July 07, 2021

The laser marking machine adopts laser technology, which has a good effect on marking plastic products in industrial places, mainly due to the following factors:

1. Non contact with the workpiece during laser processing will not cause extrusion or hard force damage to the product. It also does not change the physical properties of product materials.

2. Laser marking is not affected by environmental changes, but marks some numbers, such as QR code type, for easy identification. The special effect and high-quality anti-counterfeiting function that can not be realized by traditional marking technology can be realized by laser technology.

3. Laser processing is a harmless and environment-friendly production process

4. Laser processing equipment only needs power. It does not require additional equipment or materials. Laser processing speed is fast and the operation cost is very low. The whole process is controlled by software without manpower cost.

5. The user can change the marking pattern, logo, text and material on the computer software at any time. Will not produce product backlog, deformation.

Traditional manufacturers use ink jet printer and silk screen printing. In the process of transportation, the products come and go, and the production date and shelf life will easily fade. However, this kind of situation will not occur through the laser marking machine, and the use effect is very good;

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