Analysis of the Advantages of IC Chip Laser Marking


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

With the increasing popularity of smart devices, the role of chips as the brain center of devices cannot be underestimated. We often see a variety of chips on electronic equipment, including technical parameters, logos, brands and other manufacturer information. However, it is not easy to clearly and accurately label this information on the original of such a small unit. Today, Correct Pack Laser will share with you the advantages of laser marking machines in IC chip laser marking: A chip is the carrier of an integrated circuit, and an integrated circuit is divided into several wafers, which is the general term for semiconductor components. The chip has the characteristics of small size and high integration density, and requires high precision in the process of chip surface processing and marking. It is required to clearly mark the text, model, manufacturer and other information without damaging the parts. For the process standard, this requires the laser marking machine to be more precise, which puts forward more requirements for laser marking. Combining with chip marking requirements, referring to the laser marking process is the most ideal choice. After long-term accumulation of experience, Correct Pack Laser has a mature solution for IC chip laser marking applications, and has been applied in production. Let's take a look at the Correct Pack laser: (1) Confirm that the selection of the laser meets the requirements of the quality and appearance of the workpiece. Therefore, the available laser types are screened to determine the appropriate laser type and power. (2) Complete the joint debugging of the integrated circuit chip laser automatic marking system and put it into trial operation. For different IC chip products, optimize control parameters to meet equipment design requirements and IC chip laser marking accuracy requirements. (3) In order to ensure the accuracy of automatic laser marking of ic chips, on the basis of mechanical positioning, the image processing system with digital image processing card as the core, the motion system controlled by multi-axis motion control card and the laser vibration controlled by DSP card are combined. The mirror scanning marking technology can realize the high precision and high speed requirements of IC chip laser marking. (4) Develop laser automatic marking control software, adopt object-oriented programming method to realize the human-machine interface based on visualization, and integrate the operation of laser, image processing system and motion control system. (5) The overall mechanical structure of the integrated circuit laser automatic marking system is designed. The structural design adopts a modular and reconfigurable design, which reduces the replacement cost and improves efficiency on the one hand. At the same time, the fixture can be quickly replaced to realize the flexible production of IC chips of various varieties and small batches. To sum up, there are five points: It is necessary to mark permanent characters and corporate logo patterns with a size of about 0.5 mm on the surface of the IC chip packaging adhesive for product identification tracking and corporate publicity. Due to the small integrated circuit area and high marking position accuracy (less than 0.05 mm), it is suitable for laser marking. At the same time, combined with the electromechanical system design, flexible production of multi-variety and small-batch IC labels can be realized.

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