Special Of White Ink Jet Printer

July 14, 2021

1. First of all, in terms of ink, white ink is pigment type dissolved in special water solvent, while ordinary ink is dye type and fully dissolved at molecular level. The chemical composition of pigment ink and dye ink is different, and some configuration requirements of inkjet printer are also different. Pigment ink is to grind solid pigment into very fine particles and dissolve them in special aqueous solvent. It is a suspension solution or semi solution.

2. Secondly, because pigment ink contains particles, long-term storage will produce precipitation. It needs to shake and stir evenly before use. In this way, in terms of configuration, a mixing rod will be added to the white ink-jet printer. Huaken's white ink-jet printer is designed to automatically stir the ink at a certain interval. During the mixing process, the ink in the ink cartridge will be in a moving state, which can well prevent sedimentation.

3. Finally, the unique technology of Huaken white ink inkjet printer: air drying pump (ordinary inkjet printer does not have this configuration). As the white ink-jet printer is mostly used in humid environment, such as wire and cable inkjet. The inkjet printer is installed next to the cooling water tank. The ambient humidity is relatively high, so it is easy to suck the moisture in the humid air into the ink of the inkjet printer. The air drying pump is to ensure that the air recovered by the inkjet printer is completely dry, so as to avoid excessive water content in the ink in a humid environment and affect the inkjet effect, so as to ensure the stable operation of the inkjet printer.

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